DalAgro. Food Products - 2010

Attention! The event is over.

14th Specialized Exhibition-Sale

Date: 14.04.2010 - 16.04.2010 

City: Vladivostok - information about city

Holder: Dalexpocenter

Topic: Agriculture, Food Industry




Venue: Sports Complex "Champion"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Agricultural machines, equipment, spare parts for them:
    • tractors, combined harvesters, attached, towing equipment
    • equipment for soil cultivation: ploughs, harrows, cultivators
    • planting and seeding machines: sowing machines, potato planters
    • watering and meliorative machines
    • equipment and machines for peasant holdings and farms
  • Equipment for processing, storage, and transportation of agricultural products:
    • equipment for processing of agricultural products:
      • grain cleaning machinery, milling
      • rice shellers
    • equipment for storage of agricultural products:
      • granaries, vegetable store cellars, grain elevators
      • drying and ventilation systems
    • transportation of agricultural products:
      • transport means, trailers
      • tanks, special tires, wheels
      • spare parts and components
  • Environmentally safe technologies of agricultural production. Innovative technologies
  • Live stock breeding. Poultry farming
  • Equipment and technologies for production of fodder and compound feed
  • Fodder and fodder additives for cattle and poultry: mixed feed, biological additives
  • Machines for production of fodder
  • Veterinary and biological preparations
  • Medical and veterinary equipment
  • Fertilizers and plant protection means:
    • fertilizers and protection means for soil cultivation, agricultural crops, and garden plants
    • preparations for fighting against plant pests and diseases
    • means of sanitation, disinfection and disincection
  • Machines for fertilizer application and plant protection means
  • Seeds and saplings:
    • elite selection of agricultural crops, young plants
    • seeds of agricultural plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers
  • Green-houses, hot-houses, orchard-houses
  • Mini-machines and hand tools
  • Lawn and gardening tools
  • Food:
    • agricultural products
    • bee keeping products
    • meat products and sausages
    • dairy products, cheeses
    • oils and fats, sauces
    • fish and seafood
    • frozen food and ready-to-cook food
    • fruits and vegetables
    • dietary food
    • bakery and confectionery products
    • honey
    • cereals, flour, noodles
    • distilled beverages
    • drinks: waters, juices, tea, coffee, wines, beer
    • ingredients
    • food additives
    • spices
    • equipment and technologies for food and processing industries
    • equipment for production of meat
    • equipment for production of dairy products
    • equipment for oil and fat production
    • fish processing equipment
    • equipment for bakery and confectionery production
    • equipment for beer brewing and production of alcohol and non-alcohol drinks
    • equipment for processing of vegetables, fruits, and other agricultural products
    • equipment for canning
    • mini-plants
    • mills, bakeries
  • Industrial sanitation, cleaning equipment, washing means
  • Operational safety, overalls
  • Education
  • Leasing, crediting, and investments
  • Insurance

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