Festival of Craftsmen and Artists of Russia - 2019


Date: 12.09.2019 - 15.09.2019 

City: Sochi - information about city

Holder: SOUD

Topic: Culture. Art. Collectibles. Antiques




Venue: Exhibition Centre of Zhemchuzhina Hotel

Exhibition Sections:

  • Artistic wood carving and painting on wood, silk, metal
  • Artistic glass, crystal and ceramics working
  • Leather and birch bark painting, lacquer painting
  • Lace-making
  • Artistic embroidery, ceramics, porcelain and earthenware
  • Artistic metal working, casting, forging, stamping, filigree
  • Hand weaving, knitting and carpet weaving
  • Hand painting of fabrics, printing
  • Bone and stone carving
  • Traditional ethnic clothes
  • National toys
  • Beading and fur embroidery
  • Jewelry
  • Souvenirs

Additional information: