Public Health Care - 2017

Attention! The event is over.

27th International Exhibition "Public Health Care, Medical Engineering and Pharmaceuticals"

Date: 04.12.2017 - 08.12.2017 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Expocentre

Topic: Medicine and Health Care




Venue: Central Exhibition Complex "Expocentre"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Medical equipment diagnostics:
    • "MedBuildExpo" - medical engineering
    • functional diagnostics
    • radiology
    • ultrasonic equipment, US
    • laser technology and devices
    • instruments
  • Innovative medical technologies
  • Primary medical care:
    • stationary and mobile laboratory-and-diagnostic, medical-and-genetic clinics, centers
    • blood donor service (transfusion medicine and therapeutic use of blood components), donorship
    • immunization and medical examination program
    • prevention, detection and treatment of people infected with HIV, hepatitis B and C
    • emergency medicine
    • special vehicles
  • Laboratory medicine (test systems, laboratory equipment, laboratory diagnosis, laboratory furniture)
  • Consumables, suture materials, medical clothing, care and hygiene products
  • Designing, complex equipment of hospitals, doctor's offices, medical institutions and health centers. Equipment for cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and storage of sterile products
  • Medical furniture
  • Modern information technologies in medicine
  • Mother and child health. Modern technologies:
    • obstetrics and gynecology
    • pediatrics
    • pediatric surgery
    • neonatal screening
  • Dentistry:
    • dental equipment and instruments
    • systems and equipment for dental implantology
    • dental technical equipment and instruments
    • materials and instruments for bone grafting and maxillofacial surgery
    • modern materials for dental restoration
    • modern X-ray diagnostic devices
    • lasers in dentistry
    • oral hygiene products
    • dental anesthesiology
    • disposable materials, medical clothing
    • furniture for dental surgeries
  • Medical research and development, educational institutions. Training. Specialized literature, electronic versions of medical publications

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