Wooden House. Spring - 2019

Attention! The event is over.

18th International Exhibition

Date: 21.03.2019 - 24.03.2019 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Media-exhibition holding "Beautiful Houses press"

Topic: Building and real estate




Venue: IEC "Crocus Expo"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Design and construction:
    • wooden log houses
    • wooden houses made of profiled timber
    • houses made of rounded log
    • wooden houses made of glued timber
    • frame wooden houses
    • prefabricated buildings
    • panel house
    • houses from SIP panels
    • frame wooden houses
  • Construction and finishing materials:
    • roofing, wall, insulation, floor
    • varnishes, paints, stains, impregnation, sealants and adhesives
    • products for assembly and installation, tools
    • windows and doors
    • interior solution
    • furniture, decor
    • heating, water supply, sewerage, ventilation
    • electrical, light
    • fasteners and tools
    • artificial and natural stone
  • Heating equipment:
    • boilers: water, gas, electric, solid fuel, liquid fuel
    • fireplaces, stoves, hearths
    • fireplaces: gas, electric, wood, pellet
    • fireplace and stove furnaces
    • stone and decorative portals
    • fireplace and stove fittings, decor
    • radiators: aluminum, bimetallic, steel, panel
    • convectors
    • heated towel rails: water, electric, combined
    • air heaters, infrared heaters, warm floor, roof anti-wiring system, solar panels, heat pumps
    • heaters: oil (oil-filled) radiators, infrared, halogen, carbon
    • heat guns and air curtains
    • gas and liquid fuel heaters
    • chimneys, flues, vent channels
    • control and measuring equipment, automation means
    • services for the construction, installation and maintenance of heating equipment
    • specialist advice
  • Pools:
    • design, construction of public and private swimming pools and water parks
    • swimming pools: prefabricated, plastic, composite
    • stainless steel pools
    • vibro-massage pools, tubs, fonts
    • equipment for water parks, water attractions
    • fountains
    • materials for construction and decoration of swimming pools
    • pavilions for swimming pools, covering materials
    • equipment and technologies for water treatment (filtration, disinfection)
    • water pumps, filters, automation, dispensers, chemistry
    • draining, ventilation and lighting of swimming pools
    • equipment for the care and maintenance of swimming pools
    • pool furniture and accessories
    • sports equipment for water treatments
    • installation services, commissioning
    • specialist advice
  • Wellness and SPA:
    • design and construction of wellness and SPA facilities
    • materials for construction and finishing of wellness and SPA facilities
    • SPA technology: hot pools, steam and steam shower cabin, snow room, baths, salt caves, light and sound therapy
    • SPA equipment and furniture
    • physiotherapy
    • cosmetic and perfumery preparations
    • SPA care equipment
    • specialist advice
  • Baths and saunas:
    • design, design, construction of baths, saunas, hammams, ofuro
    • materials for construction and finishing of baths, saunas, hammams, ofuro
    • equipment and automation for baths, saunas, hammams, ofuro
    • stoves for baths and saunas
    • light and sound for baths, saunas, hammams, ofuro
    • salt panels, blocks, stone
    • accessories and decor for baths, saunas, hammams, ofuro
    • installation services, maintenance and care of bath, sauna, hammam, ofuro
    • specialist advice
  • Water supply, water treatment, Sewerage:
    • sanitary engineering
    • equipment for water supply systems
    • drainage technology
    • water preparation systems: filtration system, cleaning station
    • water heaters: electric instantaneous, electric storage, gas tankless (gas heater), gas storage
    • pumps: circulating pumps for hydraulic modules
    • drainage pumps
    • automation
    • pipes, fittings, valves
    • tanks and other capacities
    • insulation for pipes, warm floor, Sewerage
    • tools, equipment, tooling
    • services for installation of sanitary equipment, water supply, water treatment, Sewerage
    • specialist advice
  • Ventilation and air conditioning:
    • silencers for ventilation
    • ducts
    • air vents and diffusers
    • ventilation units and cameras
    • fans
    • household air conditioners and split systems: wall, modular, window, mobile (floor)
    • humidifiers, purifiers and air ionizers
    • services for installation and maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems
    • specialist advice
  • Electrician:
    • electrical engineering
    • technical and decorative lighting
    • smart house
    • low-current systems

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