TransLogistica St.Peterburg - 2017

Attention! The event is over.


Date: 27.09.2017 - 28.09.2017 

City: Saint-Petersburg - information about city

Holder: MVK company, office in St. Petersburg

Topic: Automobiles, Storage, Transport, Logistics and Transportation




Venue: Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter The Great

Main topics of the Conference:

Foreign trade, customs:

  • Adjustment of customs value and protection circuits
  • The avoidance and return of customs payments
  • The choice of the customs operator: on what to pay attention?
  • Organization of personal foreign trade department in the company- cargo owner
  • Logical logistics: building constructive interaction with the Federal customs service
  • The introduction of electronic declaration
  • How to convert and import flows to "white scheme"?
  • Incoterms 2010: the nuances of the application
  • Defending the interests of the declarant in court

Automation and IT in logistics:

  • Automation of the transport system: efficient management of flows of freight
  • Tracking systems of cargo movement: minimizing the risks
  • Bring the business to a new level

Cargo insurance:

  • Selection criteria insurance companies
  • Foreign or Russian insurer: how to make the right choice?
  • The details of cargo insurance from China
  • Features of conclusion of the contract of cargo insurance
  • How to fix the insurance case and avoid a denial of payment?
  • Judicial practice explanation of the relationship with the insurer

Warehouse logistics:

  • What more profitable: your storage or safekeeping
  • The solution to the dilemma
  • Select the warehouse: check-list
  • Audit of warehouse
  • The introduction of warehouse management system
  • Construction of own warehouse: the nuances of designing
  • Any penalties for your money
  • The implementation of standards of ISO quality management in the warehouse storage of goods

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