Entertainment industry - 2005

Attention! The event is over.

The 2nd Specialized exhibition

Date: 18.05.2005 - 21.05.2005 

City: Rostov-on-Don - information about city

Holder: The South-Russian Expocentre

Topics: Information Technologies and Communications, Sport, Tourism, Hobbies and Entertainments




Exhibition Sections:

  • Music&show
    • acoustic and electromusical tools
    • sound equipment for professional studios and amateurs
    • equipment for discos
    • light technics
    • engineering of special effects
    • means of a stage, design, theater-concert properties
    • computer-musical complexes, software
    • cinema equipment, equipment for cinemas
    • rolling equipment Hi-Fi, audio- and video engineering
    • magnetic carriers of the information, cartridge, CD, DVD
    • presentation equipment
    • screens, videowall
    • systems of the sound notification
    • pyrotechnics means
    • specialized editions of TV- and radio programs
    • installation on a turn-key basis of objects of any complexity
  • —asino
    • game automatic devices with money winnings
    • equipment and accessories for casino
    • equipment and accessories for billiards
    • equipment and accessories for bowling, golf and darts
    • attraction centers for parks and entertaining centres
    • inflatable attraction centers. Equipment for children centers
    • computer games
    • children game automatic devices and training games
  • TV- Cinema- Radio
    • TV equipment / service
    • videocamera and accessories
    • optics, lighting equipment
    • videodiagram and animation
    • equipment for videomanufacture
    • equipment for creation special effects
    • videoservers
    • means for digital cinema
    • equipment of remote control, diagnostics of means and systems of an announcement
    • control and measuring equipment
    • installation, system integration
    • report and outstudio reporting engineering
    • equipment and technologies of an interactive announcement
    • internet - technology for an announcement the Broadcasting equipment / services
    • equipment for audioproduction
    • means of creation digital audiovisual content
    • digital audiovisual carriers
    • microwave systems
    • satellite equipment
    • the Equipment of a cable announcement
    • digital broadcasting systems
    • receiving-transmitting equipment
    • aerial / masts / radiofrequency equipment
    • means of service communication, coding equipment
    • audiovisual production

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