Paper Clip Expo (Spring) - 2008

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8th Exhibition of Stationary and Office Goods

Date: 18.03.2008 - 21.03.2008 

City: Moscow - information about city
Holder(s): The Association of Manufacturers and Resellers of Office and Stationery Products (APKOR)
Topic(s): Consumer Goods.




Venue: IEC "Crocus Expo"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Paper and stationary:
    • stationary goods
    • paper for office
    • packing paper and materials
    • printed blanks, envelopes, price tags, stickers, tag labelling bands
    • postcards, merit certificates, diplomas
    • developing paper and photoalbums
  • Writing materials:
    • pensils
    • pens
    • felt tip pens
    • markers, VIP-collections
  • Stationary for children, goods for creativity:
    • pen and ink
    • notebooks, exercise books, albums
    • creativity sets
    • drawing sets
    • goods from modelling clay
  • School writing utensils:
    • pen and ink
    • pen cases, school bags
    • notebooks, exercise books, home-school books, markers, soft covers
  • Table utensils:
    • pen and ink
    • hole punches, steplers
    • glue, scotch tapes
    • paper-weights
    • paper-clips, pins, scissors, knives, blades, rubbers, pensils sharpeners, flags
  • Working place organization, documents storage and archivation:
    • stands, boxes, trays, paper collectors
    • desk tidies, stationary sets
    • folders, bookbinders, files, angles
    • archive boxes, registrators, file cabinets
  • Souvenir and representative products:
    • business souvenirs
    • day planners, calendars
    • business card holders, notebooks, purses
    • polyethylene and paper bags
    • brief cases, rucksacks, bags
    • T-shirts, baseball caps, jumpers, jackets, polos
    • equipment for company symbols application on souvenir products
    • promotion souvenirs
  • New Year's goods:
    • New Year's decorations
    • New Year's souvenirs, gifts
    • fireworks
    • carnival products
    • carnival costumes
  • Paintings and grapgic arts. Decorative and applied arts:
    • drawing utensils, casing
    • paints, brushes
    • materials for drawing and designing works
    • artistic materials and utensils for professionals and art lovers
    • sets "Hobby" for lovers of decorative and applied art
    • fillets, frames, posters
  • Stamping equipment:
    • seals, stamps, stamp paints, inks, China ink, cushions
    • numbering boxes, cash registers, daters
    • seals, sealing tongs
  • Business accessories:
    • day planners, organizers, purses, brief cases, business cards holders
    • business folders
    • phone books, notebooks
  • Festive decorations:
    • baloons
    • candles
    • gift packing
    • decorations from paper, accessories
    • napkins, paper tablecloths
  • Equipment for presentations, training, demonstrations:
    • office boards, screens, projectors, office cameras, interractive presentation systems
    • equipment for video conferences
    • furniture for projecting equipment
  • Accessories:
    • writing desk, writing sets
    • clocks and watches, globes
    • art posters and reproductions, frames for pictures
    • flower pots, artificial flowers, souvenirs Fen-Shui
  • NEW! Developing games:
    • table games
    • puzzles
    • logical games
    • intellectual games
    • erector sets
    • topical games
    • games for speech development
  • NEW! Children's sports goods:
    • children's sports complexes
    • children's swings
    • merry-go-rounds
    • slides
    • children's town
  • NEW! Training computer programmes, computer games:
    • training and testing computer programmes for schools, school documentation
    • dictionaries and translators
    • programmes for development of intellectual abilities
  • Information and analytic editions dedicated to stationary and office goods, branch portals

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