Oil. Gas. Khim - 2018

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22nd Specialized Exhibition with International Participation

Date: 26.06.2018 - 28.06.2018 

City: Saratov - information about city

Holder: Sofit-Expo

Topics: Petrolium, Gas, Chemistry, Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Sports Palace Manege "Kristall"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Oil and gas industry:
    • geology and geophysics in the oil and gas industry
    • design, construction and operation of oil and gas wells
    • oil and gas production
    • construction of oil and gas industry facilities
    • transport and storage of crude oil, petroleum products and gas; pipes and pipelines
    • oil and gas processing; petrochemistry
    • crude oil, gas and petroleum products sales; filling stations; after-sales
    • environmental, industrial and fire safety; occupational safety and health
    • automation; instrumentation; laboratory equipment
    • information and software support
  • Chemical industry:
    • chemical and petrochemical feedstock and equipment
    • general and inorganic chemistry
    • oil processing and petrochemistry
    • organic synthesis
    • chemical fibers and yarns; composite materials, fiberglass
    • household chemicals; reagents, catalysts
    • microbiological synthesis, biotechnologies
    • design of chemical plants, warehouses, terminals
    • transport of chemicals and petrochemicals; packaging and wrapping; special vehicles
    • chemical engineering, research
    • personal protective equipment, fire and explosion protection equipment
  • Composite materials:
    • raw materials for the fabrication of composite materials, components: resins, additives, thermoplastics, carbon fiber
    • metals matrix composites, nanocomposites, biocomposites, fiberglass, carbon fiber reinforced plastic, basalt fiber reinforced polymer, wood-polymer composite
    • industrial (finished) products made of composite materials
    • fastening systems in products made of composite materials
    • fabrication of tailor-made composites or composites with tailored properties
    • surface dressing of products made of composite materials
    • equipment and tooling used in the fabrication of composite materials
    • tools for processing of composite materials

Specialized sections:

  • Transport complex
  • Non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics

Additional information: