Machine-Building. Machines. Tools. Welding - 2018

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International Specialized Exhibition

Date: 17.04.2018 - 20.04.2018 

City: Nizhny Novgorod - information about city

Holder: Nizhni Novgorod fair

Topic: Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Exhibition Complex "Nizhegorodskaya Yarmarka"

Exhibition Goals:

  1. Demonstration of the scientific and industrial potential of machine-building complex
  2. Expansion and filling of the tool market by products of domestic and foreign manufacturers
  3. Expansion of cooperation communications between the organizations, enterprises, firms and investors
  4. Introduction of breakthrough and high technologies in the industry

Exhibition Sections:

  • Machine-building:
    • metallurgy, automation, and mechanization of production processes
    • robotechnics, equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment
    • powder metallurgy, finishing, bearings
    • compressing, control and measuring equipment
    • metrology in machine-building
    • electrotechnical and electronic industry for machine-building
    • weight-lifting machine-building, laser devices
    • modernized and reconstructed equipment
    • lubrificating and cooling liquids
    • new technoligies, materials, equipment for blanking operations, foundry, forgery, thermical operations, metal pressing, powder metallurgy
    • complementary parts for machine-building products and machines
  • Machines. Tools:
    • machines for metal, stone, wood, synthetic materials processing, lathes, millers, grinders, machines with computer numerical control
    • kits and equipment for various industries and for home, cutting, auxilliary, fitting, abrasive, diamond, woodworking, measuring, hand tools
  • Welding:
    • hardware and equipment for contact welding
    • equipment for special welding methods
    • machines and equipment for arc welding and cutting
    • power supplies, accessories and tools
    • equipment for plasma treatment of metals
    • machines and equipment for gas welding
    • auxiliary tools, equipment, fixtures and tools for welding in shielding gas
    • equipment for surface preparation
    • automatic control systems for welding processes
    • robots and robotic complexes
    • measurement, control, testing
    • data processing
    • protection of welders and the environment
    • scientific and information support
  • Defectoscopy:
    • radiographic control
    • infrared and thermical control
    • visual and optical control
    • ultrasonic control
    • control with acoustic emission, leak detection

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