St. Petersburg International Forum of Health - 2017

Attention! The event is over.

St. Petersburg International Forum of Health

Date: 11.10.2017 - 13.10.2017 

City: Saint-Petersburg - information about city

Holder: "EF-International", LLC

Topic: Medicine and Health Care





"St. Petersburg International Forum of Health":

  • 15 events of business program for specialists in various fields of medicine and public health
  • 150 participants from 12 countries
  • 3700 trade visitors
  • The largest specialized project in the field of medicine and healthcare in the Northwest region of the Russian Federation, consolidating under one brand 5 specialized exhibitions of medical topics
  • The unified professional platform made for interaction between producers of goods and services for the medical industry companies and professionals of medical industry
  • The global platform for the exchange of experience and improve the competence of health care professionals
  • Professional platform to discuss the most pressing issues in the various fields of medicine

Exhibitions in the frames of Forum:

  • "Mediz SPB Medicine and Health".
    International exhibition of medical equipment and equipment for professionals, health care workers, hospitals, clinics, private clinics.
  • "Bioindustry".
    Exhibition-conference of biotechnological solutions for medical, food and environmental security.
  • "Aesthetic medicine".
    International exhibition of skincare products, preparations, consumables, tools and equipment for aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.
  • "Pharmacy".
    International Exhibition of Medicines, Food and Dietary Supplements "Pharmacy".
  • "Health&Medical Tourism".
    International Exhibition of Products and Services in the Field of Health and Medical Tourism.

Specialized sections of the Forum:

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment:

  • medical equipment and rehabilitation equipment::
    • equipment for physiotherapy:
      • electrotherapy
      • ultrasound therapy
      • laser therapy
      • magnetic therapy
      • UHF-therapy
      • SMV-therapy
  • equipment for hydrotherapy
  • equipment for passive and active rehabilitation
  • massage equipment
  • equipment for inhalation therapy:
    • compressor inhalers
    • ultrasonic inhalers

Ambulance, intensive care:

  • Diagnostic devices for ambulances
  • Oxygen inhalers
  • Patient monitor
  • The sets and kit of ambulance doctor
  • Anesthetic machines
  • Medical hand frame
  • Anti-shock suits
  • Pulse oximeters for ambulances
  • Thermal blanket / thermal mattress for ambulances
  • Transport defibrillators
  • Transport respirators
  • Electrocardiographs for first aid
  • Patients pick-and-place unit
  • Heaters infusion solutions

Additional information: