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Urals Energy. Heating. Lighting. Cable - 2017

Specialized Exhibition

Date: 17.10.2017 - 20.10.2017 

City: Ufa - information about city
Holder(s): Bashkir Exhibition Company
Topic(s): Natural Resources. Industrial Exhibitions.




Venue: Exhibition complex "VDNKh-EXPO"

Exhibition Sections:

"Energy BRICS and the SCO":

  • Equipment for power plants and substations, production of electricity, distribution and transmission networks
  • Hydro-, heat-, electricity, nuclear energy
  • Design and engineering of power facilities
  • Smart grid (Smart Grid), automatics and telemechanics in the energy sector
  • Turbine generators, gas turbine technology, accessories
  • Automated control systems of technological processes
  • Converters, transformers, transformer substations
  • Low-voltage and high-voltage electrical apparatus
  • Integrated switchgears
  • Switchboard equipment
  • Wiring and electrical products
  • Equipment for power transmission lines
  • Diesel engines and diesel generators
  • Boilers for industrial energy, housing, individual heating
  • Gas, liquid fuel, multiple-purpose, salvage burners

"Energy efficiency. Lighting. Cable":

  • Systems and devices for energy metering
  • Design, engineering, energy audits of buildings and structures
  • Sources offline and uninterrupted power supply
  • Technology and innovation energy saving
  • Energy efficient equipment
  • Alternative energy
  • Secondary use of energy resources
  • Industrial lighting
  • Light sources
  • Technologies, equipment and materials for production of lighting products
  • Cables
  • Cable input
  • Wire
  • Components and accessories for mounting and cabling
  • Equipment, tools and accessories for installation of cabling and wiring products
  • Electrical safety, labour protection means and workwear
  • Banking services. Leasing. Insurance

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