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Industry of Food and Beverages - 2007

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Exhibition of Foodstuff, Beer, Strong and Soft Drinks, Equipment and Raw Materials for Their Production

Date: 17.04.2007 - 20.04.2007 

City: Krasnoyarsk - information about city
Holder(s): Krasnoyarsk Fair
Topic(s): Agriculture, Food Industry.




Venue: Palace of Sports named after I. Yarygin

Exhibition Sections:

  • Alcohol beverages:
    • champagne and sparkling wines
    • cognacs
    • vodka
    • liquors
    • aperitives
    • bitters
    • balms
    • whisky
    • brandy
    • alcohol
    • dry and sweet wines
    • low-alcohol drinks (cocktails)
  • Beer and non-alhocol beverages:
    • beer
    • mineral water
    • soft sparkling drinks
    • ecologically pure drinking water
  • Tea and coffee:
    • black, green, fruit, herbal tea
    • instant and granulated coffee
    • coffee beans
    • cocoa
  • Fruit juices and drinks:
    • juices and drinks of fruit
  • Technologies, raw materials and equipment for producing alcohol and non-alhocol beverages:
    • machines and equipment for winemaking
    • brewing factories and mini-beer factories
    • raw materials for drink producing
    • labels
    • packing equipment and materials
    • methods of transportation and storage

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