Industry of Stone - 2019

20th International Exhibition

Date: 25.06.2019 - 28.06.2019 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Russian Exhibition Company "EXPODESIGN MA"

Topics: Building and real estate, Natural Resources, Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy

Exhibition Sections:

  • Geological exploration:
    • equipment and technologies of geological exploration of natural stone deposits
  • Mining. Designing of open pits
  • Non-metallic deposits:
    • mining
    • technologies of processing of non-metallic raw materials
    • production of decorative crushed stone, decorative sand and microcalcite
  • Stone in blocks and slabs:
    • granite
    • marble
    • onyx
    • travertine
    • shale
    • limestone
    • sandstone
    • quartzite
    • other types of natural stone
    • artificial stone
  • Stone products:
    • stone products for interior design, facing products
    • stone products for facade cladding and other applications in architecture
    • stone in landscape design
    • stone for paving and landscaping
    • artistic and decorative products made of natural stone
    • mosaic
    • monuments and other ritual products
  • Architectural projects using natural stone
  • Equipment for quarries:
    • Stripping and drilling equipment
    • equipment for block sawing
    • crushing plant
    • lifting equipment
    • conveyors
    • loaders
  • Stone processing equipment:
    • stone cutting machines
    • machines for polishing of stone
    • edge processing equipment
    • profiling machines
    • equipment for heat treatment of stone
    • sandblasting and other abrasive devices
    • machining centers, CNC
    • dust removal, water treatment and sludge removal systems
    • engraving machine
    • system for "resignature"
    • equipment for waste disposal of natural stone
    • stone-cutting machines
    • lifting equipment
  • Stone processing tools:
    • diamond tool
    • abrasive tool
    • carbide tool
    • hand-held power tools
    • measuring instrument
  • Spare parts and accessories
  • Chemical means for care and preservation of stone:
    • adhesives, impregnation, mastics, hardeners, crystallizers, color enhancers, synthetic waxes, varnishes
  • Natural stone restoration:
    • technology of restoration works, natural stone conservation
  • Environmental protection, recultivation of quarries
  • Workwear and protective equipment
  • Warehouse and transport logistics
  • Special literature, industry press

Additional information: