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Power. Electrical Engineering. Energy Efficiency - 2017

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International Specialized Exhibition

Date: 14.11.2017 - 16.11.2017 

City: Ekaterinburg - information about city
Holder(s): "Ural Exhibitions"
Topic(s): Municipal Management. Industrial Exhibitions.




Venue: International Trade Centre Ekaterinburg

Exhibition Sections:

  • Equipment and materials for generation, conversion, accumulation and transmission of all kinds of energy
  • Automation systems, accounting and control instruments for energy resources and energy carriers
  • Equipment for co-generation of heating and power
  • Electric and turbine generators, turbines, accessory equipment
  • High-voltage and low-voltage commutation and protective equipment and devices
  • Power semiconductor converter equipment and devices
  • Automated control systems for power equipment and technical processes in industry, energetics and the field of fuel-and-power resources consumption
  • Controllers, microprocessors, elements of automation and microelectronics
  • Metrological information transmission facilities
  • Energy-efficient boilers and heat exchangers
  • Electrical and technological equipment
  • Cabling and wiring products
  • Electroinsulating materials and products
  • Electric drives and energotechnological plants
  • Tools for electrical mounting and setting-up
  • Renewable and alternative energy sources
  • Equipment for compressed air and gas production
  • Energy-efficient projects for exploitation of social facilities, housing and public utilities
  • Energy-efficient projects in construction,renovation and maintenance of buildings and structures
  • Energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies for low-rise housing construction
  • Energy-saving structures, equipment, technologies, materials in engineering system of manufacturing enterprises, buildings and structures
  • Audit and monitoring of energy saving and fuel-and-power resources consumption
  • Energy efficiency and saving in energy resources transportation and heat-and-electrical energy production
  • Safety measures at transportation, storage and use of fuel-and-power resources
  • Lighting engineering in industry, energetics, transport and in cities
  • Gas-filled and LED lamps
  • Automatic control of lighting devices and systems, start-control devices
  • Technical state control and diagnostic facilities
  • Industrial, ecological and energy security
  • Labor safety means and overalls
  • Software
  • Scientific and technological developments, projects and inventions

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