Power & Electrical Technology - 2006

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6th International Specialized Exhibition

Date: 14.11.2006 - 16.11.2006 

City: Ekaterinburg - information about city

Holder: "Ural Exhibitions"

Topics: Municipal Management, Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: 44, Kuibyshev St., World Trade Centre, Ekaterinburg, Russia.

The exhibition society "Ural Exhibitions - 2000" would like to invite you to participate in the 6th international specialized exhibition, held under the auspices of the Ural region government.

Simultaneously, there will be held the 6th international specialized exhibition "Light Engineering".

The aim of the exhibition:

To assist in elaboration of an effective trade, economic and industrial mutual relations between the enterprises of electric power complex, industrial companies, Ural scientific research and project organizations with the attraction of business partners from Russian Federation, CIS and other countries of the world.

Exhibition Sections:

  • Equipment for manufacture, transformations, accumulations and transfers of all kinds of energy
  • Systems of gas supply, equipment and devices
  • Automated systems and devices of account, control and regulation of power resources (heat, electric energy and gas)
  • Economic boilers on solid, liquid or gaseous fuel, torches
  • Heat exchange equipment
  • Cable production and cable heating systems
  • Electro technical equipment
  • Process equipment
  • Power and microelectronics
  • Instrumentations and automatics
  • Systems of external illumination, fixtures
  • Means of electro security
  • Scientific and technical development, inventions

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