Electro - 2019. Energy Saving

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18th All-Russian Specialized Exhibition

Date: 20.03.2019 - 22.03.2019 

City: Volgograd - information about city

Holder: VolgogradEXPO

Topic: Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Exhibition Complex EXPOCENTRE

Exhibition Sections:

  • Energy saving. Energy efficiency:
    • electro-, hydro-, thermal power
    • small nuclear power
    • heat and energy saving systems
    • energy efficient equipment and technology
    • renewable energy
    • secondary energy use
    • autonomous power sources
  • Electro. Electric power industry. Automation. Electronics:
    • electrical equipment for power plants, substations, transmission networks and distribution of electricity
    • design and engineering of electric power facilities and power supply systems
    • automation and telemechanics in the energy sector
    • power electronics
    • automation system control
    • measuring and testing devices
    • metering and control of energy
    • security and surveillance systems
    • system security and fire alarm systems
    • electrical safety, means of labour protection, overalls
  • Lighting. Electrical engineering:
    • lighting systems for office spaces, industrial facilities and warehouses
    • street, outdoor, road lighting
    • lighting for construction sites
    • emergency and emergency lighting
    • light sources: traditional, solid state, induction, led
    • high and low voltage equipment and apparatus
    • electric machine and electric drive
    • wiring equipment
    • converters, switchboard equipment
    • transformers, transformer substations
    • electric welding and electrothermal equipment
    • diagnostics of the technical state of electrical equipment
    • power tools
  • Cable. Wire. Fittings:
    • cables and wires
    • cable accessories
    • electrical products
    • equipment installation and cable laying

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