AutoBelService. BelTransService - 2008

Attention! The event is over.

12th International Exhibition

Date: 28.10.2008 - 31.10.2008 

City: Minsk - information about city

Holders: "Green Expo", Exhibition Company "Minskexpo", JSC

Topic: Automobiles, Storage, Transport, Logistics and Transportation




Venue: The pavilion, 14, Pobediteley avenue

Exhibition Sections:


  • Car service:
    • spare parts and implements for vehicles
    • oils; technical fluids
    • tires; equipment for tires fitting
    • equipment for systems diagnostics and repair of cars and other vehicles
    • accumulators; electrical equipment; electrical tools
    • hoisting equipment; equipment for vehicles washing
    • paint equipment; varnishes, paints; care and protection means
    • mobile communication means; automotive electronics, audio and video systems
    • technological equipment and tools for repair
    • motorcycles, quad bikes, scooters, bicycles, notorbikes, push-bicycles, motor-boats
    • special clothes and uniform
    • souvenir and collection products
  • Refuelling complex:
    • projecting and building of petrol and gas refuelling complexes "turnkey"
    • fuel dispensing units, pumps, filters for decontamination
    • fillers and filling taps
    • fuel dispensers, fuel trucks
    • fuel filling columns
    • gears for vehicles working on gas fuel
    • systems of management and non-cash payments at refuelling stations
    • devices for fuel and other oil products quality control


  • Road:
    • means of traffic organization and regulating
    • control means for road pavement condition
    • projecting and equipment for refuelling stations, gas refuelling stations, parkings, garages
    • machines, equipment, materials for roads, streets, airfields building and maintenance
    • technical roadside assistance
    • service cars
    • roadside assistance: hotels, cafes, restaurants, sale outlets
    • roadside advertising
    • machines and equipment for roads marking
    • streets and roads lighting
    • light reflecting materials
    • road signs
    • automotive tourism; campings, clubs
  • Transport:
    • automotive
    • water
    • railway
    • air
    • electrical
    • buses, trailers, comtainers
    • special transport
    • passengers and freights transportation
    • handling machines and mechanisms
    • transportation of fuels and lubricants and other extremely dangerous freights
    • freights forwarding
    • people, transport means and freights insurance
    • customs, customs agents services
    • transport logistics
    • leasing, rent
    • special literature, maps
  • Safety:
    • means of vehicles technical diagnostics
    • environment control means
    • systems of traffic regulation
    • speed control means
    • emergency and technical help services
    • vehicles for work at accidents places
    • safety control by passengers transportation, incliding children
    • freights fastening during transportation
    • rescue operations at road traffic accident places, including accidents with dangerous freights
    • first medical aid
    • road traffic accidents aftermaths liquidation
    • vehicle drivers training
    • burglar alarm devices and systems

Additional information: