Architecture, Stroyindustry of Far East Region. DV Architecture - 2018

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22nd Specialized Exhibition of Projecting, Building, Reconstruction, Building Technologies, Machines, Materials and Tools for Building Industry

Date: 24.05.2018 - 27.05.2018 

City: Khabarovsk - information about city

Holder: Khabarovsk Fair

Topics: Building and real estate, Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Arena "Erofei"

This exhibition project brings together in a single information space specialists from all sectors of the construction industry and related industries: architects, city planners, investors, experts of construction organizations, municipal services, representatives of territorial and regional authorities, local authorities, government and commercial enterprises, international organizations and foundations.

Sections of the exhibition cover all aspects of the construction industry and provide insight on the current state of the construction industry, the main trends and directions of the market of building materials and technologies. The exhibition opens wide opportunities for exploring the activities of major market participants.

Exhibition Sections:

  • Construction and design: communications, design projects, preparation of documentation, redevelopment
  • Building materials and equipment: finishing materials, mechanization of construction processes, dry mixes, paints, varnishes
  • Facades, roof and insulation: all types of roofing, heat and sound insulation, siding, equipment for installation, protection of structures
  • Doors, windows, automatic: window and door systems, fittings, walls, gates, protective mechanisms, alarms, safes
  • Climate technologies: boilers, water purification systems, water supply, conditioning, ventilation, sewerage, energy-, heating-, gas supply systems
  • Interior, decor, light: floors, ceilings, lighting, stairs, fireplaces, tiles
  • Construction equipment, machinery, equipment, overalls
  • Real estate, investment projects mortgage, credit programs
  • Specialized educational institutions, literature

Additional information: