Aquatherm St. Petersburg - 2019

Attention! The event is over.

6th International Exhibition of Heating, Water Supply, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Pool Equipment

Date: 18.04.2019 - 20.04.2019 

City: Saint-Petersburg - information about city

Holder: MVK company, office in St. Petersburg

Topics: Building and real estate, Municipal Management





"Aqua-Therm St. Petersburg" is the leading professional event aimed at covering all topics of HVAC & pool industry and reflecting prospects of development of the branch in North-West federal district.

The exhibition unites interests of climatic companies, firms that offer comprehensive expert solutions in the sphere of water supply, power supply, sewage, heating and dispatching.

"Aqua-Therm St. Petersburg" is a place of annual meeting and perfect business ground for professional dialogue between Russian experts, dealers, distributors and their foreign colleagues. Participation in the exhibition give the opportunity to extend business ties and mend new valuable contacts and reflects status and prospects of construction branch of North-West federal district.

Exhibition Sections:

  • Heating equipment:
    • boilers (water, gas, solid)
    • burner
    • heat exchangers
    • radiators
    • towel dryer
    • expansion tanks
    • heaters
    • chimneys
    • solar panels and drives, heat pumps
    • fireplaces, related materials
    • heating equipment for industrial use
  • Water supply equipment:
    • pumps
    • filters and water purification systems and water treatment
    • sewer equipment (septic tanks, pit latrines)
    • water heaters
    • equipment for water supply for industrial use
  • Pipes, fittings, fittings:
    • pipes (steel, plastic, PVC, PE, PP)
    • fittings (elbows, corners, tees, couplings, adapters, sleeves, plugs, and fittings)
    • pipeline valves (gate valves, globe valves, valves, butterfly valves, clamps): gate, control, safety relief
    • technical insulation, waterproofing
    • tool repair, cutting, welding pipes
    • pipe, fittings, valves for industrial use
  • Control devices, measuring and controlling engineering systems. Automation systems
  • Equipment for ventilation and air conditioning:
    • air ducts
    • pipes
    • fans
    • air conditioning
    • humidifiers
    • dehumidifier
    • equipment for ventilation and air conditioning systems for industrial use
  • Equipment for pools:
    • swimming pools (private, public): construction, production, sales
    • pumps for swimming pools (pump, filter, heat)
    • filters water purification systems in swimming pools
    • pool chemicals
    • automation for swimming pools
    • accessories for swimming pools
    • materials for construction and decoration
    • sealing material, pavilions for swimming pools
    • bath equipment
  • New Energy: efficient technologies

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