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Oil. Gas. Ecology. Energo - 2018

Interregional Specialized Exhibition

Date: 15.05.2018 - 16.05.2018 

City: Noyabrsk - information about city
Holder(s): SibExpoService
Topic(s): Petrolium, Gas, Chemistry. Industrial Exhibitions.




Venue: SOK "Zenith" them. Yuri Morozov

Exhibition Sections:

  • Mining and exploitation of oil and gas fields. Equipment for drilling, construction of wells and pipelines, oil and gas. New technologies and equipment storage, transport, processing and distribution of natural gas and oil
  • New methods and equipment for Geology and Geophysics. Service for search and exploration of oil and gas fields, in the design and construction of wells
  • Equipment for pipelines, valves, protection of pipelines against corrosion. Pumps, compressor equipment
  • Control and measuring devices. Information software and automation of production and processing of oil and gas for transportation
  • Construction of facilities for oil refining, gas and chemical industry. Camps, mobile buildings and structures, autonomous energy sources
  • Resource and energy saving technologies in mining and mineral processing, equipment modernization. Solution to the problem of associated gas
  • Special technologies and materials for work in the North. Heating and insulation. Power equipment
  • Vehicle. Trucks and special machinery
  • Protection environmental protection and ecological safety. Complex processing of raw materials, disposal of industrial and municipal solid waste. Wastewater treatment. Rehabilitation of the contaminated territories and water areas
  • Industrial safety. Labor protection and accident prevention, protective clothing, protective equipment. Monitoring system. Communications, telecommunications and signalling. Fire fighting equipment
  • Information Security. Personal Information. Database protection systems

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